Pro-Kleen Algae and Moss Remover Reviews

Sep - 11

Pro-Kleen Algae and Moss Remover Reviews

Pro-Kleen for Cleaning all Paving & Wood Surfaces

Pro-Kleen is a simple-to-use spray and walk away  concentrated liquid cleaner that you can buy that can be used to clean moss, algae, black spot and dirt from almost any material. A very popular cleaning product for cleaning patios and decking.

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Pro-Kleen has a star rating of 4.4 and over 1250 reviews on Amazon
Pro-Kleen has over 1250 reviews and scores 4.4 on Amazon

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The concentrated cleaning formula can be diluted with water. Making it a very cost-effective surface cleaner. Simply mix 1 litre concentrated cleaner with 4 litres of water. Or simply just put 1 part cleaner with 4 parts water. Apply the diluted cleaner to wood, concrete or any other surface with a low pressure garden sprayer or watering can then leave to work its magic.

The best thing about using this kind of “apply & leave” cleaner is that once you have applied the solution there is no need to wash the cleaner from the surface with a jet or power washer. Just let the cleaner work over time. Each time it rains the product is reactivated. Helping to keep your surface clean and algae free for up to 6-12 months after application.

What Material and Surfaces Can Pro-Kleen Clean? 

This tough, hard-working cleaner can be used to clean almost any surface. This can be any paved or wood surface that has algae, built up dirt, mildew or black stain mould on the surface. Some of the many materials and surfaces that you can treat include both outdoor & indoor surfaces. These could be wood decking and paved patios, fencing posts and panels, tiled roofs, upvc plastic windows.  To name just a few. It is a popular cleaning product for cleaning green algae and moss from caravans & motor homes.

Watch Pro-Kleen video clean stone walling & paving

Benefits of using Pro-Kleen

  • Non-acidic cleaner, Contains no bleach!
  • No shelf life. The product will be usable indefinitely
  • Biodegradable PH8 (Water PH7)
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas once dry
  • See results in a few days,
  • Once applied it helps to control re-grown of greenery

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