Wet & Forget Apply and Leave Cleaner

Sep - 26

Wet & Forget Apply and Leave Cleaner

Wet & Forget Reviews

Use Wet and Forget to keep paths, patios and driveways clean and stop your paving or decking becoming slippery. After a simple, easy-to-apply application of the green cleaner your surface will be kept free from moss and green algae growth. Wet & Forget is one of the worlds most popular green clean products for safely removing green algae, mould, black spot and moss from almost any hard surface. It has been used to clean many famous buildings around the world including the Sydney Opera House amongst them.

Wet and Forget is a safe, biodegradable cleaning product that contains no caustic soda, acid or bleach! It is a perfect green clean product for cleaning many indoor and outdoor surfaces which is child and pet safe once the effective cleaning product has dried.

Wet & Forget has over 880 reviews and a star score of 4.4 on Amazon

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How to use Wet and Forget

Wet and Forget patio cleanerTo use the Wet and Forget green cleaner just simply mix the concentrated liquid with the correct amount of water then apply to the surface with a sprayer unit or watering can fitted with a rose. There is no need to rinse or scrub the surface after application of the cleaner. Just let the mother natures weather do the work for you.

Every time it rains, the cleaner reactivates to gently clean the surface again. keeps on working for up to 6 months after the first application.

What surfaces can Wet and Forget cleaner be used on?

You can safely use the product to clean green algae, black spot, mould and dirt off many kinds of surfaces besides patio and driveway paving. To help you decide what surface you can apply the cleaner to we have included a list of some of the many products that can be cleaned with Wet & Forget below.

  • Terracotta brick and plant pots.
  • Stone and concrete statutes and grave headstones.
  • Tarmac and Asphalt drives.
  • All types of concrete and stone paving slabs and pavers.
  • Wooden decking and wood fencing.
  • Wood sheds and outhouses.
  • Artificial grass such as Astroturf.
  • Teak, metal and composite patio furniture.
  • Painted surfaces.
  • Plastic and PVC window frames and cladding.
  • Clay, slate, terracotta and concrete roof tiles.
  • Caravan and campers including awnings.
  • Cloth, cotton and polyester materials such as camping tents and sails.
  • Glass greenhouses, including the glass and frames.

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